Vision and Mission

St. Patrick’s Primary School Stratford
est. 1864

Our Vision

At St. Patrick’s we envisage a school where Christ’s mission permeates all aspects of school life.

That staff, families and students work harmoniously together and are committed to sustaining an
environment of love, respect and pride.

Where students and staff are active, confident and inquisitive through a purposeful and challenging curriculum.

Our Mission

The staff of St. Patrick’s is committed to the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church in the
twenty first century and continues in the spirit of the Josephite and Sion charisms. It is a place
where all people are valued and recognized for their uniqueness. The school endeavors to cater for
the faith, learning and growth of every child by offering a quality Catholic education. We strive to
nurture respectful, supportive and collaborative relationships that will enhance the community
atmosphere of the school.