School Organisation

Principal: Mr Joel Brayshaw

Deputy Principal: Mr Shane Fyfe

Class Groups

Foundation - Miss Catherine Boyd

Foundation/One - Miss Holly Barclay

1/2  - Mrs Joanne Kennedy and Ms Jennaya Smith

3/4 A - Miss Maddison Leenders

3/4 B - Miss Sarah Boag

5/6 C - Mrs Leila McDonald

5/6 D - Mrs Madeleine Glenane and Mrs Amy Armstrong

Specialist Subjects

       Visual Arts  - Ms E McConchie

       LOTE (Italian)

      STEM - Mrs Carmel Kuizenga 

      Physical Education - Mr William Brunt


Mrs Sharon Cunningham


Ms Sharon Carroll

Education Support Officers

Ms Michelle Lawrence

Mrs Michelle Sellings

Mrs Eden Burger

Mrs Sara Harris

Ms Sharon Carroll